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Warren County Nixes Early Tax Payment Discount

10 March 2017 News

There was no enthusiasm for instituting a discount for early payment of county taxes brought forward by Warren County Supervisor Tom Sayre on March 7.

County Administrator Doug Stanley said he could find no indication any city or town in Virginia offered such a discount on local taxes.  Sayre countered that some jurisdictions in his home state of West Virginia had offered them with some success in stimulating early payments.

Stanley replied that there might be some benefit to smaller towns with a cash flow problem, but that for larger ones, the negative impacts on budget preparation and unknown losses on projected revenue streams made the idea counterintuitive.

Seeing the lack of enthusiasm, Sayre suggested putting the idea on hold until his colleagues became “more comfortable” with it.

Board Chair Linda Glavis seemed to speak for the majority consensus when she answered, “I’m not comfortable – my question is, where do you make up the money?”

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