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Warren County to Possibly Provide Trolly Service

16 December 2016 News

At its Tuesday, December 13, 2016 meeting, the Warren County Board of Supervisors discussed creation of its own Trolley service that would link to the Town of Front Royal’s existing Trolley service loop.

County Administrator Doug Stanley explained the proposed service would be independent of, but link up with the Town Trolley at the new Health & Human Services Complex (the old middle school) on 15th Street.

The plan would expand public transportation into, and perhaps beyond the County’s North Commercial Corridor.  Stanley told the Supervisors that the RSW Jail Authority had pledged $20,000 per year for the extension of public transportation to the Jail; and that the Crooked Run Center and EDA had each pledged $2,500. – “So, we have $25,000 of the $50,000 we need,” he said.

Stanley added that balance might be covered by the Middletown Council if a number of trips to Lord Fairfax Community College over the course of the day could be guaranteed.  The school has a significant student population from Warren County.

Stanley noted the Town Trolley currently averages about 35 riders daily, and estimated a route linking Town citizens to shopping destinations in the Corridor and beyond could double that ridership.

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