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Warren County School’s Compensation and Benefits Study

9 February 2019 News

The Warren County School Board has received the results of a compensation and benefits study conducted by Paypoint HR, who was hired to conduct the study and provide recommendations. The principal focus of the study was on salary and staffing recommendations for Warren County Public Schools. The study showed that teachers who have five years of experience are making $44,438 in Warren County and teachers with 15 years of experience are making $47,440. The study recommends those be bumped up to $47,000 and $53,217, respectively, so that the salaries are closer to those in surrounding counties, thus aiding in retention of experienced teachers by bringing pay scales more in line with the surrounding areas. Other recommendations included hiring more teachers as well as increasing the wages of other employees not immediately related to educational instruction. Superintendent Greg Drescher said, “We do kind of have a generalized idea of what our steps are, but we need to do a little bit more work,” regarding the study.

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