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Warren County Sheriff’s Office presents new budget

15 February 2020 Front Royal/Warren County News

Warren County Sheriff Mark Butler presented this year’s budget request to the Board of Supervisors. Butler requested a budget of $4.6 million, a notable increase after budget cuts from previous years. He said the request was well thought out, and emphasized spending frugally and wisely.

Making his case for the budget increase, Butler cited concerns of worn and outdated service weapons, some hailing from the Vietnam War era. Similarly aged is the office’s communications infrastructure, which is “at the end of its life”. Butler is not relying entirely on an increased budget however, as the office plans to pursue grants to help with the funding. One such $150,000 grant could pay for the communications upgrade, and another grant will help purchase new bulletproof vests. New police vehicles are also on Butler’s list, as several current vehicles are practically out of commission.

While there are many needs, Butler said the office will limp along where necessary.

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