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Warren County Will Not Join Virginia Tax Fairness Coalition

22 December 2016 News

At its final meeting of 2016, the Warren County Board of Supervisors reviewed a statewide initiative to give all Virginia counties the ability to charge a local cigarette tax. The consensus was to track activities in that regard but back off joining them for now.

The Virginia Tax Fairness Coalition is seeking a minimum of seven counties to follow the lead of Wythe County in joining the group before beginning lobbying efforts to expand cigarette-taxing authority to all Virginia counties.  Currently, only Arlington and Fairfax Counties have that authority.

It is a fundamental municipal inequity that the VTFC is seeking to rectify, not with Arlington and Fairfax, but with ALL of Virginia’s Cities and Towns that already have cigarette taxing authority.

The VTFC was created by an alliance between the Virginia Association of Counties (VACO) and the lobbying group Advantus Strategies.  Its goal is to encourage VACO members to join in an effort to have legislation presented to the General Assembly in 2017 granting all Virginia Counties equal cigarette-taxing authority with the State’s cities and towns.

Based on existing municipal cigarette tax revenues around the State, County Administrator Doug Stanley estimated $600,000 generated if Warren taxed its out-of-Town sales.

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