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Warren Kennel Owner Denied Conditional Use Permit

19 April 2018 News

At its Tuesday night meeting, Warren County’s Board of Supervisors denied a conditional use permit for the dog kennel at 63 Limeton Church Road that burned down last year.

Kennel owner Wendy Tenney lost over a dozen Australian shepherds in the March 2017 fire, which was believed to be caused by a space heater with chewed wiring. She argued Tuesday that she would build a state-of-the-art replacement kennel with fire preventive measures if given the chance; however, the board took the planning department’s recommendation and denied her the permit to do so. Reasons included a history of non-compliance with permit conditions, lack of consistent cleaning of the kennel, Tenney not purchasing a business license, non-payment of taxes on the sale of puppies, and non-purchases of dog tags.

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