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Warren Social Services Director Voices Concerns

8 February 2019 Front Royal/Warren County News

Warren County Social Services Director DeAnna Cheatham voiced concerns about staffing and salaries for her office during Tuesday’s (2/5/2019) Board of Supervisors Meeting.

Cheatham says that lower salaries have resulted in a high rate of employee turnover. Her office often attracts college graduates who are able to earn their level 1 certification while working as family services specialists there; however, the $33,000 starting salary does little to incentivize them to stay afterwards, and they often go to work for neighboring counties where salaries can be anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 higher.

In a Thursday phone interview, Cheatham said that this situation affects the Social Services Office’s ability to function. Workers often have to go out on calls after already having completed an entire shift as they struggle to meet mandatory response deadlines, leaving her with an overworked staff.

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