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WCPS Return with Earlier Start Time

15 August 2017 News

August 15 marks the start of the 2017-18 school year for Warren County Public Schools. A major change playing a pivotal part in all county schools, is this year’s earlier start time. Warren County high school and middle schools will start their day at 8:00am and end at 2:35pm. Elementary schools countywide are starting their day at 9:00am. Student drop off in the morning for middle and high school students starts at 7:15am. Elementary school student drop off in the morning starts at 8:15am.

According to Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Greg Drescher, the change was made, in part, as a way to save funds. As a whole the earlier start time will save the county about $235,000. In addition, students many students will see a shorter bus ride. In the previous school year, 27 buses ran over 60 minutes with the maximum ride time being 96 minutes. Additionally, some students were dropped off from the bus 45-50 minutes before school actually started and had the same amount of time to wait for their bus after school for their rides home.

At the April 05, 2017 School Board Regular Meeting, the motion for a tiered school start was approved. Drescher presented information in support of the motion. The number of buses previously used were not going to be able to keep up with transportation demands. The county needed to buy two more buses and hire a driver for each bus. Budget constraints had not allowed for the VDOE bus replacement recommendations, 16 buses were recommended.

Staff presented this idea to the School Board for consideration on February 1, 2017.  Information was emailed to every parent, information was also posted on the WCPS website and the WCPS Facebook page. Follow up information was also given using the same venue’s a week later. An update was presented at the February 15th, March 1st, and March 15th school board meetings with opportunity given for public comment.

A survey was also posted allowing feedback from the entire community with close to 1000 individuals responding. 40% of responders perceived it as a positive change,31% perceived it as a neutral change and 26% perceived it as a negative change.

Drescher also stated that with tiered start times would allow students involved in sports and activities at school more flexibility for such activities. Additionally, students that work would have more opportunity to work after school.

Bus schedules can be found on Warren County Public School’s website.

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