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West Virginia reports rabies in white tail deer

West Virginia state seal. Used by written permission by Chief Deputy and Chief of Staff of West Virginia Chuck Flannery

A Hampshire County West Virginia Department of Health report confirms a free roaming white tail deer tested positive for rabies.

One deer with rabies indicates that more animals are likely to be infected with the disease.

Hunting season has begun in West Virginia and archery season in progress in Virginia.

Hunters need to be aware that all mammals are susceptible to rabies.

Hunters need to take precautions like wearing gloves when field dressing or butchering an animal and then dispose of the gloves properly.

Hand washing when done dressing the animal is something that helps limit the spread.

Never consume animals that appear abnormal and report the animal to your local health department.

Rabies can be transmitted through an animal’s saliva and blood especially into an open wound.

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