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WFT Wrap Up

Greetings from The Booth!

This past Sunday, NFL fans witnessed a laughingstock more pitiful than the Washington Football Team. That would be the New York Giants, who fell to the WFT in the season finale 22-7. Remember the girls in school that used to hang around with “friends” who weren’t as pretty in order to feel good about themselves? I think we can use that analogy about Sunday’s game. Washington ran the ball for 225 yards against a Giants’ defense that obviously couldn’t wait for the clock to hit zero.

You should beat a team that runs 2 consecutive QB sneaks backed up against it’s own goal line, something Giants head coach (for now) Joe Judge tried to explain this week. I get the explanation, somewhat, but the optics are really bad when you show no confidence in players who are supposed to be NFL-caliber.

And there was Judge providing bulletin-board material for Washington mid-week with a not-so-veiled reference to the WFT as a clown show and to a nationally-televised fight between 2 Washington teammates during a rout by Dallas. We know the organization is a clown show, but it’s not good for someone to say it who is on the outside-looking in. If you remember the movie “Animal House,” it was Boone who said “he can’t say that about our pledges. Only we can say that about our pledges.” Give Washington credit for sticking together as family–albeit a dysfunctional one.

A feel-good win for the Football Team to be sure, but an empty one, as the WFT finishes up at 7-10 (interestingly enough the same record as last year–the difference being that in 2020, 7-9 was good enough to win the NFC East) and out of the playoffs. As we’ve become used to over the last 20-plus seasons under owner Dan Snyder, the 2021 season derailed almost as soon as it started, with players like Chase Young and Ryan Fitzpatrick lost for the year.

After a 2-6 start, the Football Team reeled off 4 straight wins and temporarily grabbed the final NFC Wild Card spot. Then came injuries and COVID, which decimated the team. A four-game skid followed, as the WFT was eliminated with one week to go.

Now, as the team moves forward, there are lots of issues to tackle during the offseason, but 2 big ones. The WFT will unveil a new team name on February 2nd. Make no mistake–the players need to be on board, whatever the new name is. Several of the players gave good reviews to the new uniforms, which will remain burgundy and gold. Deion Sanders once said something to the effect, “look good, feel good. Feel good, play good.” And I think there’s something to that. Hopefully, the organization will be able to cleanse it’s palate with new “unis” and a new name.

Then, there’s the quarterback issue. Washington simply must find it’s franchise quarterback, whether in the draft or through free agency. DeShaun Watson has been mentioned, but he has a lot of excess baggage. In any case, Taylor Heinicke played admirably this season, but will be better suited as a solid backup. Or at least a “bridge” next season, should the WFT go the draft route.

There are some pieces that Jason Wright and Ron Rivera can build a team around. Terry McLaurin is a Pro Bowl caliber receiver, and the aforementioned Young can be a defensive force. RB Antonio Gibson is one of the top backs in the league if he learns to take care of the football.

Groundhog Day is coming, and like Bill Murray from the movie of the same name, Washington has been living the same day (season) over and over again. Like Murray, it’s time they finally get it right.

Enjoy Super Wild Card Weekend, and until the next visit from The Booth…GO HORNETS!


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