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Wilson’s Wild Animal Park sentencing

ABC News reports the sentencing of the owner of Wilson’s Wild Animal Park Keith Wilson and his nephew Christian Dall’Auqua on Fri. Mar. 25.

The two men pleaded no contest to a total of 44 misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals.

A total of 119 exotic and agricultural animals were seized from Wilson’s Wild Animal Park  after a judge ruled that the animals were mistreated, neglected or deprived in 2019.

Under a plea agreement the two men received suspended sentences of 12 months on each count.

Under the agreement the pair are not allowed to work, own, posses, broker, buy, sell,trade, transfer or barter any exotic animals for a period of five years.

The court did rule that Wilson could own 125 agricultural animals and a dog.

Both men will be subject to unannounced inspections by police and licensed Virginia veterinarians over the next 5 years.

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