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Winchester City Manager Investigated and Then Cleared

6 December 2017 News

The  investigation involving the Winchester City Manager, Eden Freeman, the Common Council made the following statement:

“As widely known, the City’s standard operating procedure is not to comment on personnel matters in an effort to maintain the confidentiality of the parties involved.  However, in an attempt to keep everyone accurately informed and with the permission of the alleged party, we are taking the extraordinary step of making a comment.”

There was a complaint charged against Eden Freeman in her role as Winchester City Manager insofar as she was using her position to influence the election of the Winchester City Commissioner of the Revenue which, if proven would be in violation of the City’s Employee Management Sectionhuman resources policy  (CEMS).  To ensure fairness of the process to all parties, an independent, third party investigator was hired to investigate these allegations and report to Council about the related findings.

After a thorough review and discussion of this information, the Winchester City Common Council in regards to this complaint we have determined that there were no violations of the CEMS policies, will consider this issue closed and will offer no further comment on this matter.


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