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Winchester declines to adopt 2nd Amendment resolution

15 January 2020 Winchester News

Winchester has declined to join various other Virginia Localities regarding passage of a resolution supporting the right of citizens to own and use guns. During a work session Tuesday night, Winchester City Council members voted 5-4 against creating a resolution stating Winchester’s support of the Second Amendment.

A total of 121 state municipalities have approved resolutions regarding the Second Amendment since November, when gun rights advocates started asking local governments to designate their town, city or county as a sanctuary from proposed firearm regulations being considered by the Democrat-controlled General Assembly. Proposed measures currently being considered by the legislature include universal background checks for gun purchases, “red flag laws”, and a ban on assault weapons. 

Winchester’s City Council members were united in saying they would uphold their oath of office to defend the state and federal constitutions, but were uncomfortable passing a resolution encouraging law enforcement officers to ignore laws not supported by the city.

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