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Winchester Host Lions Club Proposes Sensory Trail

11 August 2017 News

The Winchester Host Lions Club is proposing the construction of a sensory trail in Jim Barnett Park in the existing Arboretum. The project is anticipated to enhance the quality of life for residents of the city that may not have opportunities to experience nature due to physical limitations. The establishment of the sensory trail will provide this opportunity and through a coordinated effort with the Audubon Society and Winchester Parks and Recreation, a tutorial trail with educational stations along it will be established expanding sensory and recreational opportunities.

Winchester City Council forwarded the ordinance to the next regular meeting, scheduled for August 22, 2017, for first reading. All ordinances require two readings. The first occurs at the next regular meeting of council following the work session as long as council decided to forward the item on for consideration at the previous work session. Following its first reading, all ordinances require a public hearing. Lastly, ordinances require a second reading and adoption to become permanent.

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