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Winchester man charged with buying a homicide weapon

amanda behan

A Winchester man has been arrested for making a purchase of a firearm that was used in a homicide.

A press release from the Department of Justice Western District of Virginia shows the man is charged with buying what’s known as a straw weapon.

Winchester resident 25 year old Gerald Kendrick Oxner apparently lied when he purchased a handgun from a Front Royal gun store in January 2021.

Oxner did not disclose that he was buying the weapon for a close relative.

Oxner also provided false information when making the purchase which carries a five year prison sentence if convicted.

The weapon Oxner purchased was later recovered in Maryland with an obliterated serial number.

Forensics research confirmed the weapon was linked to a January 25, 2021 shooting in Southeast Washington D.C..

The action of Oxner providing the weapon that was used in the homicide is referred to as a straw purchase.

That weapon was connected to a murder and the wounding of three others in that incident.

A relative of Oxner’s was arrested and charged with murder in that shooting.

Oxner has also  been accused of making other straw purchases of a least one other firearm in Virginia.

At least one other straw purchased firearm was found in the possession of a felon in a separate shooting investigation.

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