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Winchester Medical Center Adds Tele-ICU Service

21 January 2017 News

Valley Health Winchester Medical Center (WMC) has partnered with Advanced ICU Care, the nation’s leading independent provider of high-acuity telehealth services, to provide an additional layer of care for patients in its adult Critical Care unit. On Friday, with the press of a monitor button, a physician in New York and a nurse in St. Louis appeared on-screen and joined the conversation in one of WMC’s 48 private critical care rooms, demonstrating how easily and clearly remote care partners will be able to interact with physicians, nurses, patients and families in Winchester. The new service begins Thursday.

Advanced ICU Care will provide adjunct support to WMC intensivist physicians and critical care nurses from care centers staffed by board-certified intensivists and experienced critical care nurses. Using a tele-ICU system integrated with the hospital’s systems, care center clinicians will be able to continuously monitor the condition of critically ill patients and engage in their care as needed. Two-way audio and video access in each patient’s room enables face-to-face consultation between the remote care team and the patient, the patient’s family, and the WMC team at the bedside.

“This partnership enables us to provide additional support for the team of intensivists and nurses who care for our critically ill patients around the clock,” said T. Glen Bouder, MD, Medical Director of Critical Care at Winchester Medical Center. “We’ve worked hand-in-hand with Advanced ICU Care to implement the new service and build a trusting relationship between our clinical teams to ensure superior care for our patients.”

Winchester Medical Center’s 48-room Critical Care unit and 15-room Stepdown unit are located in the North Tower, which was completed in 2012 during the last phase of WMC’s campus expansion project. WMC is the region’s tertiary referral hospital and trauma center, offering advanced treatments for individuals with chest pain, heart valve disorders, cancer, stroke, epilepsy and more. In 2016, more than 7,000 patients received around-the-clock care from a team of more than 150 physicians and staff in WMC’s Critical Care and Stepdown units. The new remote service will provide monitoring and evidence-based clinical practice to augment the expertise and hands-on care of the bedside team.


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