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Winchester Parking Fees May Increase

26 May 2017 News

On the morning of May 25, the City of Winchester Parking Authority met with downtown business owners to discuss proposed fee increases for hourly rates at the city’s four auto parks. There has been discussing about increasing the fees by as much as doubling them. The current hourly rate is 50 cents. Authority officials have discussed increasing the hourly fees to possibly 75 cents or a dollar.

Reportedly, authority officials are also looking into utilizing Pay-By-Cell services. This service would allow customers to use an app on their cell phone to pay parking meters. This would make it easier for customers to pay who might not always have change. The service would also have the capabilities to send customers notifications when their meter is close to expiration.

The hourly fee increase is expected to be discussed at a July meeting. The Pay-By-Cell service will need to be approved by the Winchester City Council.


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