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Winchester Planning Commission pushes back against unauthorized trash bins

20 December 2019 Winchester News

Winchester’s Planning Commission has pushed back against Bellview Apartments. The complex was advised a year ago to not place a pair of trash bins next to a private home, but did so anyway. PRS Development Services LLC, which manages Bellview Apartments on behalf of owner Shorthorn LLC of Vienna, ignored the city and installed a concrete pad and two dumpsters at the site, removing two large, old-growth trees in the process. Not only is the dumpster pad beside a single-family home at 98 Bellview Ave., it is also on a portion of what is legally considered to be the apartment building’s front yard.

The trash containers were originally at the rear of the parking lot between two apartment buildings, but overhead utility lines made it difficult for trash trucks to lift and empty the dumpsters, and the trucks then had to back out onto Bellview Ave.

PRS sought the city’s forgiveness by applying for a conditional use permit that would grant special permission for the containers to stay there. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend denial of that permit. It will now go to the Winchester City Council for a final decision.

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