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Winchester Police Warn Of Scammers Posing As Police

1 April 2017 News

The Winchester Police Department wants to warn residents of a new phone scam in the area. The scammers are reportedly posing as police officers in an effort to steal money. A Winchester resident received a phone call from 540-662-4131 which is the non-emergency dispatch number for the Police Department.

When the victim answered the phone a man identified himself as Officer Garcia Badge #556 and told the victim she was late on a loan payment and needed to pay $250 by 5 p.m. or he would obtain a warrant for her arrest. The man then directed the victim to call the attorney handling her case to provide immediate payment.

The victim called the number provided by the scammer and spoke with a lady who had a heavy accent. She became suspicious of the call when the woman started providing instructions on how to make a wire transfer. The victim hung up and called the Winchester Emergency Communications Center to report the scam.

The Winchester Police Department advises residents to immediately hang up the phone if they receive similar calls. Officers will never make phone calls to tell residents they owe money, and will never accept money directly.

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