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winchester public schools equity policy

Winchester School Board approves equity policy

30 November 2020 Winchester News

In a regular business meeting last week, the Winchester School Board approved an equity plan and policy for the district.

The policy defines equity as something that “fosters a barrier-free environment where all students have the opportunity to benefit from the establishment of high standards and the provision of support, effective learning environments and resources required for a high-quality education.”

In order to achieve equity for students, the Winchester Public School Board established the following Equity Framework:

•Recruitment and retention of a diverse and culturally responsive administrative, instructional and support staff; •Development and implementation of a guaranteed, viable, culturally relevant curriculum for preschool through twelfth grade
•Development and implementation of culturally responsive professional learning for all staff designed to strengthen employees’
knowledge and skills for developing inclusive and empowered environments and eliminating disparities in achievement and
•Achievement and maintenance of equitable representation in disciplinary referrals and sanctions, special education
identification, gifted identification, advanced placement enrollment, and governor’s school enrollment, etc.;
•Inclusive family engagement with a focus on marginalized families;
•Inclusive student engagement with a focus on marginalized students.

The district’s equity coordinator and council will focus on implementing the policy through training and programming.

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