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Winchester’s Fourth Ward May See Ballot Recount

8 November 2018 Winchester News

The future of Winchester’s fourth ward remains uncertain after an election where two city council candidates were separated by just three votes.

The results reported Tuesday night were confirmed by Winchester’s Electoral Board just yesterday (11/7/2018) afternoon; they showed that Democratic candidate Judy McKiernan defeated Republican Debera Taylor with 1,111 votes to her 1,108, a difference of just 0.14 percent of the vote. Because the margin between the two candidates’ ballot counts was within 0.5%, Taylor has the right to petition for  a taxpayer-paid recount; she has said that she is waiting for two provisional ballots that could factor into the final count. The people who cast those ballots, one of whom needs to verify their ID while the other needs to confirm their proof of address and voter registration documents, have until the end of the week to show their votes are valid. If they are accepted, ward four’s results will be updated and certified by the Winchester Electoral Board either Friday or early next week, at which point Taylor will have ten days to file a petition requesting a recount.

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