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Work Begins on New Winchester/Frederick Tourism Plan

19 October 2018 News

Work has begun on the Winchester-Frederick County Tourism Board’s first strategic plan.

The board has hired Don Anderson to start working on the strategy; Anderson is a Texas consultant with 30 years of experience in streamlining tourism efforts across 250 communities, including Leesburg, Baltimore, and Charlotte, North Carolina. In a Thursday meeting with the Tourism Board, Anderson highlighted local history, outdoor recreation and the Loudoun Street Mall as three of the biggest draws for visitors to the area. Board members highlighted a need to attract more young people and to echo the messages of local businesses and colleges trying to entice people to visit. Anderson committed to finishing a draft of the plan for submission to the board in six weeks. The plan will take effect in fiscal 2020 once it is approved, and run for three years afterwards with a review and update by the board each year.

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