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WV man arrested for stealing thousands from elderly couple

2 May 2016 News

KEARNEYSVILLE, WV – A Kearneysville man has been arrested after authorities say he broke into an elderly couples home and forced them at gunpoint to turn over a large sum of cash.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says they arrested William E. Rogers on Friday on 5 separate felony charges including Robbery; Grand Larceny; Assault during the commission of a felony; and a Prohibited Person in possession of a firearm.

According to a press release, the charges stem from a home invasion by two men Tuesday in Kearneysville, who police say forced an 83 year old man and his 79 year old wife to provide them with cash. The release states the suspects also demanded the couple open a safe they were aware was in the house.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office credits Martinsburg Police with helping to break the case open.

Martinsburg police arrested Rogers on Wednesday on unrelated charges, including being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.  After obtaining a search warrant for his cell phone, authorities found a video of Rogers in possession of a large quantity of $100 bills. Authorities say a clerk who sold the phone to Rogers indicated he had paid in cash and had in his possession at the time what appeared to be more than $10,000 in cash.

Police say Rogers also purchased more than $1,500 of jewelry approximately one hour after the robbery.

The investigation continues to identify and arrest the second suspect.

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