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“You have to spend $ to make $$$”

13 October 2016 News

At a recent Warren County Budget work session, County Treasurer Wanda Bryant made her case for a submitted budget with funding for a new full-time position included.  Bryant told the Warren Supervisors that the new staffer would help the County in collecting approximately $3 million of Delinquent Real Estate Taxes.


Warren County Treasurer Wanda Bryant (File photo)

Warren County Treasurer Wanda Bryant (File photo)

Supervisor Dan Murray asked if a part-time, contract employee would suffice to do the job.  Bryant’s reply was “no.”


“Every year you say cut your budget – I try but it affects our ability to collect.  Consider what I’ve asked you – it will pay for itself many times over,” Bryant told the Warren Supervisors.


Bryant’s request illustrates the dilemma of Constitutional Officers across the Commonwealth.  They are elected officials ultimately responsible to the electorate for their jobs – However, they are reliant on the elected boards of their Municipalities to have adequate funding to staff their departments and perform their jobs as they perceive it needs to be done.


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