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Monkeypox case confirmed at Sherando High School

james wood girls' basketball coach

Sherando High School sent a letter to families and staff informing them that a person at the school has monkeypox.

The Frederick County Health Department which is in the Lord Fairfax Health District confirmed the Frederick County Public Schools of the case.

Although the person was in school while infectious the health department is not aware of any high risk interaction the individual had with students or staff.

As recommended by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) the person will stay home and isolate until it is safe to be around others.

In addition the school division is adhering to other recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent the transmission of monkeypox.

Officials are working closely with the individual to find out if and who they may have had close contact with and if action is required.

Those who have developed any symptoms should remain isolated from both people and pets cover any liaisons and contact their health care provider.

Symptoms include rashes resembling pimples and blisters and may include fever, headache, backache, chills and cold like symptoms.

The school system will provide updates as needed on any and all health concerns.

Questions can be directed to the Frederick County Health Department at 540-722-3470.

The Virginia Department of Health provides additional information on monkeypox here.

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